To Rent or To Buy?

The number one complaint of both borrowers and Realtors about the mortgage process is the lack of communication while the loan is in process. If you can satisfy this need across the whole company, you will enjoy all the wealth that comes from great relationships. The trick is how to guarantee this high level of communication happens on every loan and with everyone involved in the transaction.

Would your company be more successful if it maximized closed loans for every marketing dollar spent, or minimized marketing expenses by choosing the cheapest option?

Protelus has solved this dilemma of more money vs. less cost. We will ensure that you don't lose critical loans because your campaigns did not have the level of personalization you know will deliver a higher response. We can deliver the level of personalization that guarantees no loans are lost because of the quality and content of your campaigns.

This means ... the company and your loan officers will live in the best of both worlds, where they have maximized profits from their precious client and Realtor relationships with every marketing dollar spent.

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