To Rent or To Buy?

One of the biggest hurdles in establishing a marketing system that generates company-wide results is getting all of the detailed client and loan information from your Loan Origination System into a marketing database. The more client and loan specific information in your database, the more loans you will close from past clients and referrals.

Have you felt forced to abandon plans for marketing campaigns that you know will deliver closed loans because of the problems associated with creating a marketing database that contains all of the information you need?

Protelus has solved this problem by instantly transferring the information you need to accomplish all of your marketing goals. We will deliver the most comprehensive marketing database, with an unmatched level of accuracy.

This means ... we include every loan, every client, and every loan officer in the marketing database. Our instant data transfer starts as soon as the loan file is opened. This allows high value campaigns while the loan is in process and at closing. You know this is the best time to deliver a high touch service that will maximize referrals and customer/Realtor satisfaction. No one else can deliver this.

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