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Happy Birthday!
Experience Matters
The Protelus staff knows your business. With over 15 years in the industry, we understand your needs like no other vendor can.

The Protelus system adds value to your business. With our years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, we understand what makes you thrive.

The Protelus Team’s Combined Experience

• Automated Mortgage Marketing: 15 years
• Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch: 5 years
• Money Market Portfolio Manager with Barclays Bank: 3 years
• Mutual Fund Wholesale Rep for Barclays Bank: 3 years
• Mortgage Fund Manager with ING: 3 years
• National Sales Manager with ING Life: 3 years
• CEO Securities Broker/Dealer with ING: 3 years
• CEO Investment Management Company with ING Funds: 3 years
• Board of Directors with ING Life: 3 years
• Real Estate Agent: 2 years
• Real Estate Marketing: 4 years

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