To Rent or To Buy?

Protelus generates revenue for mortgage origination companies by using the past client data in their Loan Origination Systems. Protelus is a complete Customer Relationship Management solution that guarantees all loan officers will market to their past clients. We are the only company that has fully automated the transfer and scrubbing of all client and loan information into a marketing database.

If all of your loan officers are not marketing to their past customers and Realtors, we know why and we know how to fix it.

100% Marketing

As soon as your Loan Officers have to use a separate system to execute client marketing campaigns, 80% will not market consistently. This can seriously limit company revenue...     [read more]

One Stop Shop

To make your marketing system work, you may have hired staff to manage multiple vendors that each provide only a portion of what you need. While you may now have a working system...     [read more]

Instant Transfer

One of the biggest hurdles in establishing a marketing system that generates company-wide results is getting all of the detailed client and loan information from your Loan Origination...     [read more]

Communication = Referrals

The number one complaint of both borrowers and Realtors about the mortgage process is the lack of communication while the loan is in process. If you can satisfy this need across...     [read more]

Closed Loans

Many companies have resigned themselves to send out email and mail campaigns that they know will not generate the best results in terms of closed loans. They are left to hope that these...     [read more]

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